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27 December 2018
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Summoners; A person who practices evocation, the act of calling upon or summoning a spirit or deity. Someone who wields power magic that can summon forth magical beasts. Many ancient cultures world wide has folklore and legends of Summoners and their abilities. Story tales involve both good and evil Summoners.

from Summoning; the act of calling or summoning a spirit, demon, god or other supernatural agent, in the Western mystery tradition.

Also for clarification (D&D 5th edition schools of magic);





Blocking, banishing, protecting



Producing things/creatures out of thin air



Understanding the past, present and future



Entrancing and beguiling people/creatures



Harnessing the power of the elements



Deception and trickery



Dealing with life, death and undeath



Changing energy and matter

Changing energy and matter

One of the disagreements we may run into is the differentiation between Summoner and Evoker - The argument is that an Evoker "summons" power from the plane of elements (ex. fire energy from the Plane of Fire for a Fireball spell). Another side of the argument is that the Evoker deals in "pieces" of raw energy while the Summoner deals in whole objects.

The Mage has already been shown by IS to have evocation abilities especially in its Elemental passive. This seems to restrain the Summoners from Elemental magic and define it more as the Conjurer school.

We could see some bit of overlap in the Abjuration school in the a Summoner could also have banishment abilities tho', again, we see the Mage has already been given those abilities.

Now that we have a base of information to draw from let's look at the classes for the Summoner archetype;

Summoner/Bard; Enchanter - Conjuration and enthralling. A "clouder of minds"? Seeing this as the Enchantment school in the table above while the Enchant Item ability would be a non-combat skill that could be taken by any archetype. Might be some confusion by players; "Are you an Enchanter?" "Yes." "Can you enchant my sword?" "No, I'm not that kind of Enchanter." "What?"

Summoner/Cleric; Necromancer - Here is one of those specialized classes dealing with undead and death. Will this class be able to "summon" souls to power their undead constructs (zombies, ghouls, etc)? Will it have class abilities similar to undead type spell effects (death touch, life drain, soul steal, etc). Having a better feeling about this class than others.

Summoner/Fighter; Wild Blade - Which Fighter skills will augment the Summoners? Ability to wear heavy armor and wield swords and shields? Apply two-handed weapon skills to the summoners staff skills? Higher/more damage abilities for the summoned creatures? Will be interesting to see the characters played and time played metrics once the game has been out for a few months to see how well liked this class is.

Summoner/Mage; Spellmancer - Do we see the summoning of Elemental creatures locked to this class? Could only this class bring forth Ice Hounds, Fire Hawks, Earth Golems, and Water Lords? Or could this be a way of enhancing and strengthening those creatures that the Summoner could already call upon?

Summoner/Ranger; Bestmaster - This class title seems to better define IS' idea of what a Summoner will be; the bringing of one place to another (temporarily) creatures to do the bidding of the spell caster. And this one is even more specialized with a bent toward natural (woodland, etc) creatures.

Summoner/Rogue; Shadowmancer - The master of shadows seems to be the direction we are headed here. Where an illusionist could cloak themselves in the shadows the Shadowmaster cloaks themselves with shadows. Darkness will still be needed so a weakness could be strong, direct light.

Summoner/Summoner; Conjurer - While we may be tempted to imagine that the Conjurer will create items from thin air the act of summoning is the act of bringing already created items to the spell caster. Will IS allow a Conjurer to create things from nothing or will this just be a much better "bringer of things"?

Summoner/Tank; Brood Warden - Better survivability? Greater hit points and damage soak applied to the summoned creatures? Can't see this class tanking directly but could be an interesting PvP class.

What have I missed?
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