Tech video about nodes in Alpha 1 coming next week! [Steven Discord info from 23/3]

Steven: More node content comes next week. There is a video showcasing the tech behind the nodes for A1, it’s all footage from the MMO game world. It’s tech, in the game editor on the A1 map that shows off how the node tech works to be precise.

Steven: There will also be a new dev blog.

Steven: As a player, I rarely ever experienced the ability to interact and communicate regularly with the developers of a game that I wanted to play. It’s definitely more common now with indie projects, and I personally think that’s pretty cool. I think in order to keep that type of interaction open, we have to be cognizant of the fact that this project is 10-12 hours a day of the developers life. Everyday and into the weekends. Real people spending years to create something that will make a community have years of enjoyment. Criticism and feedback is the purpose of this type of open development, but just keep it in perspective that these are real people, devoting their life to creating Ashes. Hurdles, successes, criticisms or not. 💕

Hjerim: It have been a long time since we have seen new monsters. Will we see any in the near future?
Steven: Yes.

Baliso: Can we use monster coins to kill important quest NPCs?
Steven: Yes. The monster coin is usable during events so you’ll need to coincide it, and make it past the players defending. Respawn is hours depending on size of node.

Baliso: I’m very concerned about griefing and zergs/control of world boss. Hopefully timers are never predictable as well.
Steven: Timers will have radical variables, but contesting a raid will be possible for certain bosses.

Baliso: So it would be safe to assume if you want world bosses it will always be numbers games? I didn’t think that was the approach they wanted. That’s why guild scaling is a thing. We’ll see how balanced it scales for world bosses.
Steven: The objective is not to make it a Zerg fest or numbers game. But that’s what testing is for.
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