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Lord Ashes
15 January 2018
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The software behind the website, Xenforo, has been updated to 2.1. It is the first significant update since this site went live last year with 2.0.

There are tons of style and back-end changes, as well as a few new handy features. Of course I won't go through it all, but some of them are:

Push notifications

On supported devices, the process looks something like this:


You can also see that, just like alerts, we have provided a mechanism for you to be able to opt out of receiving certain push notifications. You may want to get forum alerts for everything, but only be notified by your browser for the things you find important. The content of a push notification will be a slightly stripped down version of the default alert template.

As you would expect with push notifications, you do not necessarily need to be viewing the forum when the notification is received, nor does the browser even need to be active, as demonstrated here:


Naturally, clicking on the notification will take you straight to the content.

Going straight to the content from wherever you are on your device is certainly convenient, but given that push notifications essentially represent forum alerts, it would be somewhat inconvenient to have to mark those as read too. Therefore when you now visit content which you have previously been alerted to, the corresponding alert(s) will now be automatically marked as read.

BBcode editor improvements

Tables, image resizing and more!


URL unfurling

When a URL is inserted into content and that URL exists on its own line within the content, we will "unfurl" it to a richer preview which includes the page title, metadata logo, description and favicon. Such rich previews add more context for users as to what the link contains. URL unfurling can be used anywhere that accepts BB code currently.

localhost_21x_index.php_threads_new-unfurl-testing.11_ (3).png

Cool, eh? 😄

Content Bookmarks

Xenforo has always made it super easy to find new content you've not yet read, and re-engage you with content you've already interacted with, but who here has ever read a post (or some other content) and wanted to come back to it later, or wanted to save a specific post so you can refer back to it in the future?

Of course there are lots of ways to solve this kind of problem. You could use the forum search, but that still relies on you having to remember you wanted to come back to it at some point, and you still need to remember specific keywords to find it. You could use browser bookmarks, but on different devices and different browsers that can be cumbersome. You could keep open all of the tabs you want to come back to at some point, but again different devices and browsers (and having to shut down Chrome for the 5th time that day because memory) makes it difficult.

I could also just try to remember but... wait, what was I saying again? Oh, right... bookmarks. Supported content types now have a bookmark icon.
Clicking the bookmark icon will instantly bookmark that content. Which is great, but occasionally you might want to add some additional context to help you locate that bookmark again in the future.


The message text will be displayed when viewing your bookmarks (otherwise a snippet of the content is displayed instead) and labels are a way to categorize your bookmarks (similar to tags).

So how is content you've bookmarked accessed?

Click your name on the visitor panel, and you can select bookmarks on the tab.
localhost_21x_index.php_threads_i-have-teh-errors.21_ (2).png

Of course you can also access your full list of bookmarks from your account page:


Other changes

Password strength checker. (We already support two-step authentication.)

Better support for iPhone X/Xr/Xs displays .

Better caching and speed.

Font Awesome 5 support.


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11 September 2018
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Looks nice, looking forward to try the new features.
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